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---  UPDATED ON 1st FEBRUARY 2015 ~~ Refer offer baru/latest post ya?~~ 

Assalamualaykum, and Hi there ;)

As we go through day by day for the past 7 years selling Medela Freestyle. We noticed one essentials items that is important in it, that make the pump. AND, if that part and the motor, both are working well, you'll have excellent suctions. (InshaaAllah)

It is. "The Spare Parts Kit". 

Can be bought separately from the breast pumps - SOLD in one pair. Pls look at the left side-bar for pricing ;) Thanks ya

This parts is included as the breastpump's part, and is needed in order to function the Medela Freestyle. Its easy to take care of...because comparing to other Medela's model and other brand the big membrane did help in the process (well...the least, you cannot loose them from sights..LOL) (^_^)

See it on my palm ..

The Spare part kits FOR MEDELA FREESTYLE/SWING-MAXI, price RM138. Poslaju RM7

------------------------------------- Our Other Packages-------------------------------------------------------

In previous post, I have been lining up all models for Medela Breast pumps that we carry and WE STILL DO (^_^) yay!!.

Whichever is not here you may asked me directly via emails at email addresses below. Maybe I can help you a bit in choosing one ;)

The Medela Freestyle/Medela Swing-Maxi/Medela Swing all comes with 2-phase-expression (Medela registered trademarks)  :). Which means they have both the stimulations and expressions phase for their breastpumps. 

And please be informed that Medela only sells in set with a sealed box. Medela Freestyle comes with the bag set and it's accesories

Email me ^_^ if you want to buy just the Sparepart Kits. Best price offers also for the parts only (see left side-bar).


Each of the SET OF FREESTYLE BREAST PUMP comes with these items. The freegifts is additional item courtesy of the supplier, it doesnot reflects the price. The price is fixed as warranty 1 year and services included. ;)

**Please be informed that ALL Medela Freestyle sets we sell has the 'HANDSFREE Kits' included.

What's Included in MEDELA FREESTYLE SET. {{no matter which packages, this is the content}}

  • Freestyle Breast pump's MOTOR
  • 1 set of Freestyle's tubing
  • 2 Personalfit Breastshields (M size - 24 mm)
  • 2 Personalfit Breastshields (L size - 27 mm)
  • Spareparts Kits ( consist of 2 connectors, 2 membranes, 2 backcaps)
  • Power supply/power adaptor (Charger)
  • Breastfeeding Information Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 pc Medela Freestyle's rechargeable battery (included and charged in pump it self)
  • Icebrick (cooling elements)
  • Cooler bag (suitable for 4 pcs storage bottles)
  • 4 pcs Medela Storage Bottles (5 oz)
  • 1 tote/carrier bag Medela

AND please email me kalau ada enquiries ya


For medela accesories or spareparts, mana2 spareparts atau accesories yg berminat, email lah ya ;)...atau scroll down the side-bar sebelah kiri, kalau tiada dlm stok nanti Aja estimate date of arrival ya... 

## CALL lines 03-33932857 [from 7.30pm-11pm]

(We apologised for the inconviniences caused, get us faster thru email and facebook page 'MyBreastpumpShop)

Thanks evryones for visiting us !!!!!!!! 

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