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As there's quite numerous enquiry on HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER.

Order can be made VIA E-MAIL TO 

ajasuakeem [at} yahoo [dot] com


mybreastpumpshop [at] yahoo [dot]com

or by using THIS ORDER FORM

For the past 7 years, I have been receiving emails with enquiries. I am happy to assist you in a way to actually make mommies understand of what they are ordering when they place an order with us.

 And sometimes I will ask you back what you really need, not just what you really want. Sometimes it will be really helpful if you can email me with these details :

1) Email me at above email address. You may use facebook also.
(Usually you will hear from me within few hours, but occasionally it may be later in the day or within 24-36 hours) If you didnt receive any reply after that kindly check your spam or re-email me ya... *Aja biasa reply panjang-panjang so they kick my email into you spam ^_^**

2) Email with subject is very helpful for example : 'Enquiry on medela softfit breastshield'.

3) lIST OF items that you want to order. Usually most of the item listed ON LEFT SIDE BAR is in stock. If the Medela item is not listed, kindly list them or ask me. I will help you with it. InsyaAllah

4) If you send your e-mail late in the day, you will hear from me during the next business day. Or I will try as much to reply as soon as possible. (Again, within 24-36 hours)

5) Phone calls are welcome in between 7.30 pm - 11 pm. (DARI 7.30 malam - 11 malam during weekdays) but you'll reach me faster by email ;))~trust me on this!

For medela accesories or spareparts, berminat dengan mana2 spareparts atau accesories? email lah ya ;)... kalau tiada dlm stok nanti Aja estimate date of arrival ya...

ajasuakeem [at} yahoo [dot] com, OR mybreastpumpshop [at] yahoo [dot]com

## CALL lines 03-33932857  >>>>  ONLY available from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm <<<<<<<<
(we apologised for the inconviniences...)

Thanks mommies and thanks for visiting again and again.... :D

Love Always,
Aja ;)


Unknown said...

Thank you MyBreastPumpShop, I purchased a set of Medela Feeding & Storage 8oz Bottle and received on the next day through Post Laju. Good and fast service, it was a happy and satisfy shopping experience with MyBreastPumpShop.

Chung Min Chao

Sarah Yap said...

Do you have stock for Medela Freestyle Rechargeable battery? If so, how much?

炜凌 said...

Is your freestyle Malaysia medela warranty? Not those USA?