I'm Back and Bizzy Buzzing....


My husband a.k.a 'my beloved mat despatch' asked me

'You really wanted to do this?'

I said 'I dont know'.. 'Do you think I should do this?'

And he replied ' I dont know too, you wanted to do it?'

and he was like ' Haha... ada berani ker?'

' Tak la berani sgt, you'll let me do it?'

He said ' I dont know, let me snap the picture first.. mama decide later okay?'

And yes, it's me.. (and huwaaa...still with my pregnancy weight..)

I am multitasking with my medela Freestyle. The picture was taken on my 46th day after I gave birth to baby Nur. My husband asked me if I would like to follow him to imigresen. Got to renew his passport..and we got other things to settle. So as he came home without warning. I have to quickly get ready. I choose baju kurung as its easily fits with my current weight, and I need TO PUMP as I am going to leave baby Nur at home.

And I havent eat my lunch yet. So i pump, eat lunch and check emails... hahah... Tu yang he geleng2 kepala. And it was then I realised that I was doing all three tasks like the way I did before when i pumped for Rayyan in 2008/2009 at my office... And I missed the moment..

And now with baby Nur exclusively breastfeeding, (insyaAllah) and Rayyan partially continue to breastfeed at night.. I was there again. On the same journey. And I welcome all the support and sharing we can get as breastfeeding mom :)

And here's baby Nur..

And after few consideration, the hubby gave her name as Nur Qurratu'ain, which means 'Cahaya Penyejuk Mata' atau 'Cahaya yang cantik/sedap dipandang'..

And yes, she is an angel... every babies is an angel kan *love*

She was admitted back to hospital on her third day due to jaundis, it wasn't a serious one but we were like --hmm,better admit than facing the risk the bilirubin counts increase. But then she was released the next day, Alhamdulillah...

I wanted to share something..hehe... being breastfeeding gadget fans, I was so excited to see the hospital have ...tadaaaaaaaa.... Medela Symphony!!!!! I was like 'OMG'

Someone does said this is the 'Queen of breastpump'. In case any of you wonder, This cost RM5000++ in Malaysia. And I tried them...

And NO, that amount of milk is not what I get from Symphony. That was handexpress. I tried the Symphony and the suction was sooooo ...urrrmm not to my taste. I increased the level, and urrrghhh.. nothing came out. So I handexpressed, and got 10 mL ONLY for little baby Nur. Dapat la tido kejap, sementara next feeding.. as she is under phototherapy.

I wonder why, then I take a look at the bottom of the pump, guess what I saw? 'Intermittent Suction'!! Siapa la kata medela Symphony is 'Queen of Breastpump', bigger n expensive doesnt mean they are better. And siapa la kata suction FS lembut sebab 'Intermittent Suction'? Medela Symphony also is Intermittent Suction!.. And Intermittent suction was actually the range of suction which is 50 mmHg - 250 mmHg. SAMA range suction medela Freestyle and medela Symphony.

And I do a small research then, and i found out that. Medela Symphony is expensive as this pump was built to cater, 1) For multiple user, (before.... medela have this pump called Medela Lactina, and medela Select). But it has no 2-phase expression, but still as powerful, powerful here also doesnt mean high suction, its mean heavy duty and can be used by multiple user (but use with personal accesories).

2) These type of medela's pump (Symphony, Lactina, Select), is hospital grade pump which means they have this 'closed system' inside their body. To keep the user hygiene. So the body are big and complex. And the upgraded medela Symphony Plus can be used with rechargeable battery which means it becomes portable even its big. And again bigger doesnt mean its better. The trigger is that it is heavy duty enough to cater the needs.

So I declared, I stick to my old medela Freestyle 2008.. (heheeh...dlm hati tak boleh nafi pernah juga ada angan-angan nk pinang medela Symphony..kot2 tuan-tuan hamba diluar sana pun nak mencuba..hehe) /blush

*my milk on 5th day with medela Freestyle*..lalallalalalaaaa...

So mommies out there, got the morale of the story, if you heard anyone told you any types of pump that is good or great. Doesnt always mean you have to have them, but the thing is... 'IF you can afford to buy just any breastpump based on your budget, after they are in your hand.. use them wisely'. I didnt say in this blog of mine that Medela Symphony is not a good pump. I tried them once and decided I didnt like them, but they are not mine also.

And i decided that I like medela FS better coz 1) they are mine. And, 2) the utmost important things, I'm USED to it..so I feel so comfortable. So mommies out there..if you buy a breastpump.. just any brand,single or double, electric or manual, GET USED TO IT. It may do you wonder..by God's will. InsyaAllah

Lastly, to those who wonder, I'm back on business and please email me with enquiries ya.. ;). I will try to answer them as soon as I can rebut the laptop from Dina n Azalea,who now knows how to play games on the net. OR maybe answering them together with baby Nur..hehe..

Seeya ya all laterrrr........muahhhhssss


P/S: Kutu medela FS and medela Swing, still ON. Email me at ajasuakeem@yahoo.com..

P.P/S: 2 minggu lagi (by early May), mana2 spareparts atau accesories yg out of stock akan di reastock balik ya... yey!!!