Medela Breastpumps & Accesories : How To Order ;)


Assalamualaykum... and Hi all :D


Ello... ;D yes I know... Lama nya Aja tak update apa-apa kan.. Being a young *still perasan young** mother of 5, is a heavenly bliss experience when my husband is there to help me. Alhamdulillah...

My Raha was borne on 2nd Dec 2011. Now 5 months ;).. and enjoying mother's milk with her sister, my little Nur.

It's just that once I am back from maternity leave, I was presented with tonnes of workloads at the office. It is funny how some staff at your workplace think that you already are gifted and should be thankful with enough 'rest' for 2 months maternity leave with another 4 kids on tow..LOL. :P

And, I decided that will be 'Aja's first priority' and second is this---the services and warranty claims : (and of course to those continues ordering eventhough the weblog is not updated! Thanks so much <3)

Pump yang dihantar utk services and repair. Some after years of using. This is the importance to have an easy access to services and consultation EVEN after the warranty period is already over. **HINT: See the name and year they bought the pump ... 

All working fine, finally.. ;)
I've been getting a lot of 'notice' from our --2008, 2009, 2010--- user to service their breastpump. Even from 2011. Alhamdulillah, manage to send theirs for services. And all worked fine after repair and service. Thank god, so one need to buy new breastpump even some after using for 2 kids. Some need spareparts change and some need accesories (breastshields, sparekits, tubings etc), and some comes back just for services before waiting for new bundle of joy. Even after years of using, you can always comeback to us for services as long as the breastpumps are purchased FROM our

(HINT: See names on first picture.. and year they bought their breastpumps :D OR you can see the 'Freestyle' word on each pump. The BLUE words is for medela Freestyle breastpumps from 2008 and early 2009 as we've been selling since July 2008 ..)

As there's quite numerous enquiry on HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER. 

Order can be made VIA E-MAIL TO ajasuakeem [at} yahoo [dot] com, OR mybreastpumpshop [at] yahoo [dot]com

For the past 4 years, I have been receiving emails with enquiries. I am happy to assist you in a way to actually make mommies understand of what they are ordering when they place an order with us.

 And sometimes I will ask you back what you really need, not just what you really want. Sometimes it will be really helpful if you can email me with these details :

1) Email me at above email address. You may use facebook also.
(Usually you will hear from me within few hours, but occasionally it may be later in the day or within 24-36 hours) If you didnt receive any reply after that kindly check your spam or re-email me ya... *Aja biasa reply panjang-panjang so they kick my email into you spam ^_^**

2) Email with subject is very helpful for example : 'Enquiry on medela personalfit breastshield'.

3) Item that you want to order. Usually most of the item listed ON LEFT SIDE BAR is in stock. If the Medela item is not listed, kindly list them or ask me. I will help you with it. InsyaAllah

4) If you send your e-mail late in the day, you will hear from me during the next business day. Or I will try as much to reply as soon as possible. (Again, within 24-36 hours)

5) Phone calls are welcome in between 7.30 pm - 11 pm. (DARI 7.30 malam - 11 malam during weekdays) but you'll reach me faster by email ;))

For medela accesories or spareparts, berminat dengan mana2 spareparts atau accesories? email lah ya ;)... kalau tiada dlm stok nanti Aja estimate date of arrival ya... :seesaw:

## CALL lines             03-33932857 ONLY available after 31st August 2012 
(we apologised for the inconviniences...please email me ...)

Thanks mommies :kiss:and thanks for visiting again and again.... :D

Love Always,
Aja ;)



Home health care supplies said...
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Ibu Aina Iman said...

bam2 nyer dia...suka aku tgk muka raha ni...ayu jek..

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

ahahha...bam..bam kan? Meh la tgk dekat2..hihii :)

Ibu Aina Iman said...

hahaha....tu yg susah nk jawab. dia dh pandai wat per skrg?? dia pandai isap jari kaki belom???

kelvinstom said...

Medela breast pumps

Medela breast pumps have received very positive reviews, about its ease of use and comfort. This product makes breastfeeding a baby easier and more convenient.

Sayang.Ibu said...

hihi.... nampak my FS... :)
Aja punya servis mmg tiptop! love dealing with u babe. mmg akan suggest nama aja kalo ada yg tny psl breastpump ni.
Btw.. tembamnya baby Raha... hasil susu ibu..rasa nak cubit... hahahaaaa... tak sabo nak menembamkan my lil boy... hehe..

kelvinstom said...

Medela breast pumps has been making professional and consumer products for new mothers.

cals berger said...

Medela breast pumps is a method that helps in making breastfeeding a baby easier and more convenient.

Anonymous said...

sis..dapat ker if saya hntr madela swing saya saya x beli ngan sis....ibu yg sgt memerlukan..

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam dear, Kita dah maklumkan sebelum ni, rujuk link ni ya


Utk services kita mmg cuma boleh terima breastpump yg berdaftar dgn supplier kita shj. Kalau details x de dalam database tak dapek den nk nolong. Contact balik ur seller la ya...

Lemon said...

I want the medela freestyle sparekits and tubing. Could you pm me the price?

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Hi Lemon, Can you pls email me at ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot]com

I'll be happy to quote the price for you. Thank you

Jifat said...

salam..i would like to buy the freestyle package 1..can i get it within this week? as i'm having problem with my email account, can u reply via sms to 012-4307693

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Hi Jifat, sorry for the late reply, we will restock after 24 Dec. Do comment below if you are interested, and I'll inform you then.

Or add me at facebook 'ajasu mybreastpumpshop'

Thanks again