Taking a Short Break ;)

Update..21 June 2010.. Sharing some pics of baby Nur's majlis

Nur's Majlis Berbuai, in some state it is Majlis Berendoi. Nothing much as Nur already bald (dh dicukur..lebih awal) during my confinement. Next week Nur will be 5 months. Time flies so fast kan..

Buaian Opah tempah.. (*TQ Opah)

Sebenarnyer, dia gayat duduk lam tuu..huhuu

Dah panjang ... Umo 4++ bulan baru naik buai, okey la tu kan..

--Original post--

I'm taking a nice short break for 5 days, from 3rd June to 7th June 2010. Please be informed that orders between these date will be despatch via Poslaju on 8th June 2010. This is due to baby Nur's Majlis Berbuai at my Mother In Law house at Kampar, Perak. So we are going back there. And I know I'll be attached for these few days..

Do email me with question should you need to ask anything, but do expect the delay ya..

*Aja curik gambar di atas dr my beloved fren mummy_aufa's blogshop http://bagetc.blogspot.com ..hehe... tempted kan nk rileks tgk gambar tuh..heheh

Okay... byeeeeee


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