I Will be On Maternity Leave 1st Dec - 31st Dec 2011

--- POSTEd on 1st Dec 2011

Assalamualaikum peeps, and Salam Sejahtera...

It's the time again... Aja harap semua mendoakan Aja selamat melahirkan bayi yang sihat. Ameen..

Eventhough I practically have assistant, I really wanted to savour the moment with my new bundle of joy and my kids, so am planning for a month leave. Yeah... I know it's impossible :) but lets try. Heheheh...

And yes, enquiries are welcome but like mentioned above. Do expect delay ya...

And please, NO urgent orders . Customer are welcome to email their order after 15th Dec 2011, but your order might be delayed. Orders might takes 4-5 days for processing and despatched. (usual one is just 1-2 days)

Those return-customer **read as: OUR breastpump buyer**, if you have any problem..with your breastpump, do reach me [at] -you-know-how-to-reach-me . My assistant will adjust to your need ya.. 

And last, but not least. Thank you for the continous support and the overwhelming trust.

Doakan kami anak beranak selamat dan sihat ya... Terima Kasih  

Love Always,

Aja yg sgt sarat