Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ramadhan... Puasa while Breastfeeding or Pregnant

---PUASA while breastfeeding in 2010---

Salam Ramadhan to all mommies out there. Alhamdulillah been through 10 days Ramadhan with baby Nur.. plus demam and batuk2 yang masih non-stop at the moment tapi syukur.. made it through so far. I got few questions,plus enquiries, on how do I managed in Ramadhan. Since 2003 been through Ramadhan with 4 pregnancy and 4 breastfeeding moment. Not to say that I made it through without hitch. I've been through flatulence when breastfeeding with pregnancy, vomitting due to pregnancy, there was a moment I cant even drive home... or was too weak to pump on the evening of Ramadhan. All in all it becomes my utmost precious experiences. Alhamdulillah..

Aja share here my little tips on Ramadhan & breastfeeding. But I bet many has been reading a lots of same kind of tips or other kind of tips that may works for you... Basically sama mcm mommies lain, kurma is a must for me, berbuka puasa and sahur. Before I'm a mommy, Aja pun ingat 1-2 biji dah memadai (plus I'm not very fond of dates), little that I know you actually have to consume at least 5-7 dates, be it berbuka and sahur. And I found through forums, the nicest way to consume them, by blending few dates with fresh milk. But Aja tak sempat nk blend...hehe.. so what I did, with little time esp during sahur (??). I eat kurma and drink milk at the same time. Seriously, its funny feelings but at least it doesnt feel or taste tooo sweeet ;).

NASI is a must for me during pregnancy and breastfeeding in Ramadhan. Samada during berbuka atau sahur...mesti NASI. And my husband knows this, so he is the one who's going to prepare them before sahur (as I was stuck breastfeeding baby, in bed). This helps a lot. If you are not the type who eats heavily during sahur, pls try little by little.. who know you need to go through Ramadhan & breastfeeding 'again' in the future. And water is a must. Preggie mom especially, if its hard to consume plain water, consume juice or anything tasteful but you must drink...from berbuka up until you meet sahur again. Have a drink by your bedside.. and consume whenever you feels like it.

Other than that, Aja change Aja nyer pumping schedule. Basically I pump 4 times per day, during Ramadhan it will still be 4 times. If non-Ramadhan months, I will start pumping after subuh, during this month I pump at 5.20 am after sahur so I can pump and drink at the same time. I will finish pumping in 15-20 minutes, and continue to pray and basically went to breastfeed back.. and get a little rest, as I went for work a little late in fasting months. Baby also are less fussy at this moment if they are asleep and usually still sleepy, so somehow its easy. The next pumping session is 10 am, the usual 1.30 pm becomes 2.00pm as I will take a nap in the afternoon after zohor prayer. Ok...sometimes its 2.30pm..hehe.. or I pump as early as 1pm and take a nap after that. Its a must for me to take a nap or at least lie down, first.. I need to get some rest. 2nd, make me less talkative... ;P

And the last session will be at 5pm, or during driving back home. Or if I feel too thirsty, I will shift the pumping session to after berbuka/iftaar and pump either by tandem nursing or by breastfeeding my baby first then pump a little. No matter how much you get, make sure at least try to pump 4 times per day and not less than non-fasting months. Basically fasting months will not effects your milk production, if the demand is still up. If they are affecting you milk production, especially in early days of the fasting-month, do try to make sure you're not dehydrated.

Other than that, ibu mengandung dan menyusukan, ada pengecualian tertentu. InsyaAllah.. kita cuba yang terbaik dulu, dan adjust mengikut kemampuan kita ya... ;)

*I am Wishing Us.. All breastfeeding and pregnant mommies smoothness in our fasting journey in Ramadhan. Also, I wanted to say thank you soooo much for your trust and loyalty to MyBreastpumpShop. I heart each and everyone of you.. *muahhh*

Love & Regards,
Aja ;)