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Hye and Salam All,

I've been postponing to put the testimonials link. Biasa kalau ada yg perlukan reviews atau pendapat.. Aja bg link. Today, I've been 'cleaning my fotopages and remembering how I first started in 2008 -- with the help of friends who has trusted me..A LOT. They put trust on me beyond everything I could ever imagine.  And few moment there.. I feel like I was walking down a memory lane. Names that has crossed pasth in my life, names that's been sharing all these years, name that past the door but came knocking again.

It's a wonderful life. Allah know how thankful I am. THANK YOU everyones for the friendship, for the trust, for being here all this while, for making me who I am all these years. I adore you..

Allah Bless Us all...aminnn


TESTIMONIAL PART II ------> MyBreastpumpShop MAY 2009

TESTIMONIAL PART III -------> MyBreastpumpShop JULY 2009

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Thanks everyones

Love Always,
Aja ;)

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At first she asked,

Alhamdulillah it works ;) yay!!! And her testimonials. Thanks Diana!