Launching Hers Medela Freestyle & 3 weeks later

She emailed me one day, asking about Medela Freestyle. She warns me, she is a mother of 5, so Medela FS better be great..

This is part of her 1st mail to me.

Salam Aja,

First of all, congratulations on your efforts sharing with all moms about your experience on breast pumps. Your experience is invaluable & your friendly way makes others feel comfortable. Keep it up! I found your website a few days ago, and it really helped me to decide..

What I can say is that.. breastfeeding experience has evolved tremendously!

Sekarang ni rasa teruja betul bila tengok ramai ibu2 bersungguh2 nak menyusukan anak sampai at least 2 tahun... so, insyaAllah tak nak ketinggalan..

Well Aja, reading your reviews etc made me decided on Medela FS.
Insya Allah pilihan yg tepat, kan.
Dari harganya pun kita boleh tau barang yg berkualiti
For sure, I don’t want to regret trying anything less than the best!
Walaupun suspens bila suami dah pesan 'jangan jadi gajah putih' tapi nak kena anggapkan tu satu cabaran
Bab 'disiplin diri' tu yg sungguh mencabar sebenarnya, kan.. but I hope I have a good pump to start with!

And this is part of my answers for her..she's a Doctor, so I thought I tell her this

As akak already decide to buy medela FS, yes its actually a perfect choice for mom-on-the go.. ada handsfree, ada rechargeable battery and lightweight. Especially kalau kerja around the clock. I have this nurse in johor using freestyle, she pump everywhere around the hospital,guna handsfree, even kat kaunter tgh ambil detail pesakit.. sebab dia x cukup masa nk pump... and kalau x de bilik sendiri pon senang nk gerak ke tempat lain utk pump.

And this is what happen to her First experience with Medela Freestyle.

Salam Aja.. ni mesti nak kena share dengan Aja..

Yes! I'm very happy! I would say that Medela is user-friendly even though in a glance it looks complicated!

1st session - I managed to get 1 oz in 15 min (single pumping).. that's pretty good for a beginner, the manual said, he he..
2nd session - I use hands-free kit and i got 2 oz in 15 min (single pumping)... seronoknye:)

I would say that the hands-free element makes us feel more relaxed thus getting more milk easier...
The 2 phase expression is amazing, no pain but gain..!
All in all it makes me feel more confident, and more positive about continuing to breastfeed..!

Cumanye baby Ady belum nak hisap botol lagi.. so it ended up with his brother El drinking the milk. Sedap & manis katanya.. nak lagiii.. he he..
No baby will take bottlefeeding easily, right.. InsyaAllah boleh tu, kan..

Thanx for your support Aja, just being there makes me feel good & secure, knowing that there's someone to refer to:)

Nanti K.umi tulis testimoni utk Aja punya website, balik dari Vienna nanti ya.. InsyaAllah

Then 3 weeks later, i got another email from her..

Subject : Our 'milking' journey..
Thursday, 21 May, 2009 9:51 AM
From: "Dr Umi"
To: "Naza Sulaiman"

Pejam celik dah masuk 3 minggu I'm back to work.. kan Aja..

At present my pumping sessions are: 6.30am (I really love your suggestion on pumping in the morning. It’s great for the baby & indeed psychologically great for the mom too), 9.30am, direct BF during lunch hour then 4pm Semua ada la plus minus 1/2 hour gitu...
'Obedient' punya anak murid akak ni.. hehe..
In average for each pumping session I’ll get around 3-4oz
So my total is 12oz perday... which is matching with Ady's requirement now. On & off I got some to stock up.

Ady pun dah pandai menyusu botol dan boleh habiskan 3-4oz sekaligus.. tapi akak tetap balik tengahari sebab rinduuuu kat Ady.. and of course as you said, we know if you can be there, why not, it’s for the bonding & attachment & the full benefit of direct breastfeeding. Plus I’m sending my fresh breastmilk for afternoon supply. (I totally agree on your opinion about fresh breastmilk!)

Akak pun dah dapat rentak sifu (siapa lagi Aja la).. ie 1st phase L3-4, let down in 40s then 2nd phase at L4. Awal-awal tu haru biru.. ada sampai L9 (single pumping & lupa nak forget to secure the other tube, kah kah.. atau tak rapat & macam-macam la.. mula-mula Aja kata ‘Aja pump at L4’ - I was kind of shocked but after a few days until now I'm very very comfortable & each day I'm getting more & more comfortable.. alhamdulillah ;-)

And I admire her enthusiasm

Aja... I always believe breastfeeding is the best for our baby..

But for my 1st one in 1998 - Adlina was in a nursery at my workplace (Hospital xxxx) & I was really hopeful I can breastfeed her fully. What happenned, I couldn't. I was still a houseman doctor & couldn't even run to see her during lunch hour!

My 2nd in 1999: I have a wonderful baby sitter who was willing to send Zahra to my clinic for direct breastfeeding. But I was in a very busy outpatient clinic, people were complaining why 'doktor takde..', 'nombor tak jalan..' it was a bit distressing & your baby can feel it when mom is not fully relaxed. She was restless & tak mau menyusu..

My 3rd in 2001; bersemangat nak pam untuk Humaira. Guess what, out of ignorance I bought a cikai breastpump.. it was painful, little milk came out.. fed up, end up with some 'cognitive error' in my mind that I could not pump like others.. I could only breastfeed directly and that brought me to:

My 4th in 2002: Nekad. I took altogether 6 months leave (2m maternity, 3m unpaid, 1m annual leave) to exclusively breastfeed my El. Hah, baru puashati..!

My 5th 2009 (jaraknya jauh as I did my specialty course for 4years from 2004-2008): I was not allowed to take 6 months leave!!

That's how I got to know u Aja!

At first I was scared to invest in Medela, especially based on my failed pumping the warning given by my beloved hubby “jangan jadi gajah putih!” But my beloved hubby gave me a greenlite when we reflected back that if I were to take 3 months unpaid leave it would cost us more than my Medela FS! "Betui gak" kata my hubby..

From my quite extensive review, I chose Medela because I couldn't afford to fail! And I have never had any regret. Not a single moment. I'm very proud of my Medela FS:)!

It also makes a lot of differences buying from Aja. I got a Medela, yes.. on top of that I got a great friend in my 'milking' journey:)

Take care Aja dear..

You take care too akak, thanks k.Umi for believing in me.. And all my friend out there, moga Allah sahaj membalas kepercayaan kalian pada Aja. To Suzana (my very furst customer), Ariys, kak ziah, Fiza, Ira, Sue nurse di Johor, Iffah, Fadz, Shuhada, Afida, Sitilina, Salwa, Nuds, Eee, Zuhaiyu, Zue UTM, Aishik, Ekin, Irish, Ai Jen, kak dian, norley, kak ruziah melaka, Yen Soo, 3 org Naza, Ina ganu (just to name a few, jgn mare ye kalau x mention) and all the Freestyler, Swing's user (swinger??) and Harmony's user... Thank you for the trust. I do know some people come here for a good bargain. But the fact that you gals trust me enough ...I appreciate it so much.

To NURSE SUE di JOHOR, 'ECONOMIST' INA di GANU, Thanks for these reviews. Allah sahaja balas jasa kalian.. dan semoga kita berjaya in OUR 'MILKING' JOURNEY

salam aja...lama x menyinggah kat fp u..sibuk pumping with my FS..hahahhaa...alhamdulillah, with FS sekarang, dapat la 18-22 oz per day (time kat office 3 x pump)..seronok sgt..walaupun x meriah tanto dah ada 170 peket lak ( 21/2 bulan ) minum 9-12 oz jer per ina bagi fresh EBM je kat bb sebb sikit sgt dia minum kat nursery..tq introducing me FS..

someone in trganu (esp..yusmie..)need to c fs in action boleh contact ina......insyaAllah..cuba membantu mana yang dapat...misss u aja....mmuahhh..
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AND, Nurse Sue.. you are the definition of determination...

salam..sume..saya ni ahli kutu 1st FS, dah gna FS selama 4 bln..tiada pkataan betapa gembiranya dpat mguna FS yg diimpikan dlm mimpiku..susu pernah mencecah 7-8 oz sekali pump..ikut breastku x le saiz cup d cma saiz c je..,..jelous kekawanku..he he,..skrg mgepump susu jd satu trend kat tpat kje..gna la FS..secara teratur..mesti dpt mjadi ibu bjaya myusukan anak wlaupun terpaksa pgi kerja..
Tue 21-Apr-2009 14:35
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