Medela Therashells vs. Medela Milk Collection Shells


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Aja dpt enquiries on those Milk shells type I explained in previous post.. I do hope this post will helps make it clear.

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Just wanna inform that my stock for Medela Therashells and Medela TenderCare Lanolin already finished. Aja rasa by 28th March it will be restocked back. Hopefully... ;)
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I got this question from a very dear friend, Asmah Yunos. She is a breastfeedingmom and pumps daily for her first baby and now waiting for her new bundle of joy..*hugs*.  She asked for Medela Milk Collection Shell and eventually saw Medela Therashells and wasn’t sure which one to choose, and whether to choose one piece or a pair?

Ok, here… let see the picture back and go back to the function of both shells

Medela Milk Collection Shell
(Price : RM58/pair, RM30/pc. Retails : RM69 )

Milk collection shell functioned to collect milk, especially when for heavy milk flow that prone for leakage during let down, this is a very secure solution. It collects milks and in the same time prevents leakage. And it can also avoid you from pressing on your breast/nipple on the other side with towel while breastfeeding your baby on the other side.

In the other hand, it can also helps or can be use for sore nipple, just that it doesn’t have the air holes, but it wasn’t a big problem actually. Medela Milk Collection Shell has this soft silicone backs for a snug, comfortable fit, and this can be open for easy emptying through convenient spout plus it was contoured for less visibility through clothing and 100% Bisphenol-A free.

The different is also in size and therashells has these holes for air (so that nipples are easily aired without exposing or rubbing against you bras)

Medela Therashells
(Price: RM69/pair, RM35/side (one side has 'one shell/cover' and 2 ring--placed around nips)

Medela Therashells on the other hand, function as 2 in 1 solutions. For expecting mommies, the shells can be used to helps on inverted nipple especially first time mother during pregnancy period (use with small hole ring) and for use on sore nipple to help curing process fasters (use with large hole so that the ring didn’t touch the areola)

Is it possible to use the THERASHELLS as milk collectors?

I would say ‘No’ and ‘Yes’. 'NO', if you have heavy flow and move a lot, as the milk will spill thru the holes. And the ring is very small to sustain the milk. ‘Yes’ if by accident some of the milk leaks and they are ‘there’ in the shell. The milk can be collected, and safely save them. And you must also wash the shells prior to use or after use.

Do I need 1 piece or 1 pair of shells?

I always advice breastfeeding mothers to buy only what they need. If your problem with sore nipple, cracked nipple, any problem with nipple is not that severe, one piece of Therashell is enough to use especially while at home, coz we breastfeed baby on the other side. But if you need to use the shell at office I would suggest buy a pair (so they didn’t looked awkward).

For milk collection shells, one piece or a pair is also ok, but I would suggest 1 piece for use during breastfeeding, or if you are user of single pump.. you can use one for the other side 

Aja really hope this will help.. and if any mommies out there is still confuse, do email me with enquiries at ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot]com

Happy Breastfeeding mommies ;)



Misshikin said...

how to use this Medela Therashells

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Hi misshikin, there are 3 parts of therashells, 1 is the shell (it has few small holes), 1pc of ring with big hole (for sore nipple), and 1 pc of ring with small hole (for inverted nipple). If you have sore nipple, attach the shell with ring that has big holes, apply nipple cream and put it under bra. Done. So this leave the nipple to dry easily.

If you are pregnant and have inverted nipple, use ring with small hole, cover the nipple to help the problem ;)

NYC Spree said...

How to use Medela Milk Collection Shell and where can I get one piece of it? (Price : RM58/pair, RM30/pc. Retails : RM69 )

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Hi Rayanne, already reply with account number and stock is available. Kindly check your email ;)

izumee ramli said... to purchase the milk collection shell