We'll Be Away From 2nd - 17th JUNE 2012



Hi everyone... ^__^

As mentioned in my facebook ----> AJASU MYBREASTPUMPSHOP I'll be away for 2 weeks from 2nd JUNE 2012-17th JUNE 2012.

We will not be accepting any orders during this period, and any orders or enquiries will only be entertained after 17th JUNE 2012

Kindly also be informed that the last day for any order this week is on 31st MAY 2012, and will be courier or poslaju by 1st JUNE. Any order after 1st JUNE, will go out by 18th JUNE 2012

Sorry for the inconvience caused. For more info and enquiries on stock ---->> PLS EMAIL ME at ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank you.

Love always,
Aja ;)


roSebud said...

wawawa Aja nk honeymoon yeh hehe best2!!enjoy!!

-nadiah M

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Wahhhh... Aja baru jer msg Nadiah psl medela Freestyle Muz... sila reply cik, takut x sempat passing ;D