Supplementary Nursing System : Medela SNS


Salam all,

'Apa yer SNS?' SNS ini ialah 'Supplementary Nursing System'
SNS is a breastfeeding assistance kit for mums and babies facing special challenges, such as inducing lactation, problem with latching etc. Also suitable for long-term supplemental feeding at the breast.

Medela said this device "Keeps the baby on the breast, ensuring the stimulation needed to maintain lactation and the intimacy between mother and baby.

Please seek advice from your preferred Health Professional before using this product. "

Features of the Product

■Adjustable flow rate system to meet individual needs

■Neck strap for maximum convenience

■Sterile packaging

■Colour-coded tubes for different feeding rates

■Graduated reservoir bottle

Price : RM160/set
Poslaju : RM7

On Personal Note: I wouldnt go on suggesting this unless mommies really need this AND you have a professional expert to advice you on using this.

Thank you for all the support and trust :grouphug:

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fendi said...

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