Medela Tendercare Lanolin : A nipple cream that works...wonders :D


I remembered a year ago at this day.. I was sitting in a clinic and practically begging for antibiotics from the doctor. My little angel baby Nur had thrush (see link) and its affected me badly. My nipple was practically slitted open at the bottom of nipple. Unlike cracked nipple which cracked on tip of nipple, this one almost slit open my nipple and sooo painful like someone slit you nipple with knife. (Okay, i might sound bragging but its really painfully..huwaaa)..

The moment the doctor said he cant give us antibiotics coz Nur is barely 10 days, I am crying inside. I'm bumped.

How do I know baby Nur had thrush back then?
How will I know if my baby has thrush?

If your baby has thrush, white patches that look like milk curds will appear in his mouth. If you rub these gently with a clean finger, you'll find the base is raw and may bleed. You may find that your baby is unsettled, or pulls away from your breast while feeding, because his mouth is sore.

Thrush can pass through your baby's digestive system to his bottom and cause nappy rash. The rash is often sore with red spots, and may take a while to heal. Our article on thrush in babies has more information. HERE

How is thrush treated?

Thrush is one condition that you are better off not treating on your own. If you suspect you and your baby have it, see your doctor. You and your baby will both need to be treated at the same time, even if only one of you is showing symptoms.

Your doctor will probably prescribe an antifungal medication, usually micozanole or nystatin, to put on the infection. Micozanole is thought to be more effective than nystatin (Jones and Sachs 2009).

Your nipples and your baby's mouth, and possibly bottom, will need to be treated at the same time. Thrush can take up to a few weeks to cure completely, although the pain should ease after a few days. If it does not, go back to your doctor for more help.
What? weeks?

Aja called Hazarina , "Laling, did I missed this thrush thingy in Lactational course? I dun recalled going to toilet during the lecture", "hmm..nope, it was just mentioned but wasnt elaborated"..Hazarina was also clueless. I didnt have this problem while breastfeeding my 1st doter, Dina. Even during Azalea and Rayyan. And this is the time when history become a stressful rememberance.

"Call Sue la Aja..", "Segan la Haza..".. Haha..segan nyer pasal, kena google, and that's when I found a lot of thing about thrush. And the utmost important part is if you feel the pain, then your baby feels the same. And at least you can speak it out, but what will your baby do..? cry, pull out from latching, unsettled, some might started to develope fever. (read the symptom above) *nangis okeh dlm ati*

The doctor didnt provide me with any cream as cream might choked my baby if she still didnt master the swallowing. He just advice me to wash my nips after breastfeeding and before I breastfeed again. And come back in 3-5 days. It was like someone telling you "GO HOME, BE A SURVIVOR, YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN.. YOU CAN SURVIVE"...yeah right :P

I went home, staring at the silings...wishing magic will happen. Of course la, it didnt happen..haha.. dang! Now a mother of 4, and stupid even..

I did as the doctor advice, wash my nipple. I applied nipple cream, that time I just have Medela PureLan (a very ancient cream Medela produce). It wasnt a few days after that Medela Tendercare Lanolin and Medela Therashell arrived....fashionably to this stressful mother --me-- hehehe....

0.3 oz, who need so much? this 0.3 oz (more or less 6 g) is more than enough...

Price for this Tendercare lanolin is RM35 (small size - 6g), poslaju RM6

 What I did was :

1) I washed my nipple before and after breastfeeding.
2) expressed a tiny drop of breastmilk, apply on nipple and then apply this cream..

and thirdly, 3) what makes the healing process faster is by placing this small shell on the affected nipple.

Medela Therashells for inverted nipple and sore nipple. (2 in 1)


~VOILA! ~ My pain reduced in 24 hours, Alhamdulillah. Syukur... the slit part was no longer visible though the pain still there..but so much lesser.

Aja pun mcm mommies lain, sgt skeptikal whether 'a shell' will work. Will it show off when wearing it?

And so,to make good comparison I put them on my award winning fake b.r.e.a.s.t. (that b.r.e.a.s.t got 3rd prize in lactational course tau *blush*) ...hahah... on the right is milk collection shell. On the left is the therashells.
(*p/s: I got a mommy asking me how to wear the shell, okay..see the 'ring'? Place them around the nipple area/areola -small hole for inverted nipple, large hole for sore nipple (so it didnt touch the painful nip)-- and put the cover on it, then wear your bra as usual ;))

And if it wasnt good enough for me, I wouldnt have recommended it to others. But it works! Still I was scared to propose this when a friend of mine, Nina, complaint about her sore nipple due to EPing. Until she asked, "Aja, sample nipple cream Aja bg hari tuh, Nina jimat2..boleh order ke Aja?" . Alahai Nina, awat la x tanyer.. And a week after she got herself a tube..
Nina Masliha
SMS 20 June 2010
"Aja,sore nipple yang maha dasyat yg dh mcm blister tu arini dh OK :D. MMG MCM MAGIC. Nina start guna Jumaat mlm. Krim dgn shell. Hr sabtu (yesterday) kuar jalan2 pakai jugak. Mmg invisible. Xde sape perasan. Selesa sgt2. Mlm semlm x pakai dah. Sbb sentuh/mandi pun x rasa pedih. Arini dpt pakai bra like nothing happen!! Padahal dh 2 minggu tau. Nina dok letak jugak Lanolin sample tu, tp selang2 hr takut abih. Huhu. This time pakai after each pump,mmg sapu je. [^_^] a must buy product.U hv to blog this product. Seriously"

Hehe..sorry Nina, I only managed to pull out all the good words after 8 months you testify... *ape lah..Aja*..huhuu

And getting the good vibes from Nina, there's testimony from kak Aishah_din73..a mother of twins.

SMS 29 June 2010
"Salam. Aja, dh dpt sabtu lps then terus sapu kat dua2 nips tu. Gilir2 pakai satu shell tu.
Alhamdulillah sume cracked tu bertaut balik, dan x sakit dah bila bf. Skrg dry skin kt nip mcm dh moist balik. Still continue using it sbb nk try pump blk. Product ni better than cocoa butter"

Alhamdulillah... well, a cream that works for us wasnt totally will work for others.. but other than living in pain, and after trying other that didnt works, this might be helpful. Who knows.. kan ;). Yang penting kita ikhtiar..

And look what I found out, here a journal of 'Skin pharmacology and physiology'. wonder...

And as today, 16th February is my birthday, I wanted to offer this cream of 6 g (worth RM35), you'll find in normal store the "medela Purelan" with same price, but that is different than this "medela tendercare lanolin", different formulation I must say.

Oh case anyone wondering how big is 6 g tube, its the size of our lipstick case.

OR, if you need bigger tubes, this one is 60 g = 2 oz tube.. (RM79.00), retail price : RM89.00

*compare medium sized colgate... (^.^;), I just noticed I compare it with toothpaste for 'sensitive' teeth and the cream is for 'sensitive' nipple ..what a coincidence..LOL  ..haha.. the picture above is originally for Nina as she wonder how big the tube for 60 g. And yes, its big..haha

And Aja harap this will help you mommies out there, OR to at least give you the idea when your nipple is too painful and its so unspokenly difficult for you and your baby. Well at least this work for us here ;)

**edited 20th February 2011 - I found another testimonials in my emails..yay!

Love Always,
Email me : ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot] com
---more on Medela Tendercare Lanolin :D -------

At first she asked,and I explained to her :

"Tendercare is for Sensitive Nipple. So its good even for normal nipple sbb dia effective. And berbanding purelan, Tendercare Lanolin got beta-glucan so that any cracked will heal fast,mcm 'glue', InsyaAllah. And I've tried Purelan 100 before, memang x menjadi, so Aja tried Tendercare Lanolin and works much better and faster. though its depends on people jugak la. Mcm ubat juga..
Hope that's help ;)"

Alhamdulillah it works ;) yay!!! And her testimonials. Thanks Diana!



♥ EeiNz ♥ said...


sy nk tny, krim ni ke utk kite nye nip cracked? sy da gi cek klinik kjaan jek, so die bg gel utk ulser mulut (tp sapu kt nip) cz bby bf kan.

pastu gi klinik kt putrajaya lak, doc kate beli krim brand medela cmtu la kot. so, krim yang akk jual ni ke? =)

fyi, nip sy ni bile bby bf jek die sakit. pastu luka die mcm luka dikelar2. bergaris2. kdg2 penah smpi berdarah. bile die kering lak, siap ade kulit yg boleh ditarik keluar lagi, mcm kulit bawang tu.

yg medela therashells tu pulak utk ape ye?


Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam Eeinz, tendercare lanolin ini mmg utk masalah nipple mcm cracked nipple, sore nipple and also dry nipple. Mcm Aja guna utk thrush dan kebetulan (alhamdulillah serasi dan berkesan).

Medela ada 2 jenis cream, yg lama purelan 100, juga mengandungi Lanolin..tapi tu jenis lama and akan stop production sooner. Dan yg tendercare Lanolin nih dh proven lebih berkesan.

Therashells tuh bagus bb kita boleh elakkan nipple dr terkena kain, esp kalau nipple sensitive. Kena kain sikit pun sakit. Cara guna therashell Aja dh add dlm post ya..

Do email me kalau berminat atau ada yg kurang jelas ;)

<3 Regards

yuzai said...

salam aja, xnak buat kutu untuk medela fs ker..kalo ada saya nak join..due 1/ kalo boleh nak dapat bulan 5..kalo ada apa2 gud news pls drop me an email at

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam Yuzai,

Ada group kutu lagi.. JOM ;)

Rafeah Marhani said...

As salam Aja..nk tnyelh, medela harmony ade stok lg x?

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam Rafeah, Medela harmony biasanyer always in stock. Kalau berminat email Aja at ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot] com ya ;)

Thanks dear

Rafeah Marhani said...

Aja, mlm td adk ipar sy br oder dgn Aja medela harmony utk sy :-) nnt sy oder brg lainlh ye dgn Aja...

Ina Hashim said...

too late for happened during the end of BF journey during alysha's time...tapi sempat la 2 tahun even tercepat 2 minggu

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Kak Ina, i remebered vividly when you told us aboyt the problem. Mmg sgt menyakitkan kan :'(

Turns out ramai jugak yg kena tapi x tahu IT IS 'THRUSH', and most GP didnt inform them what the steps to do.

Shira Alwi said...

Salam akk.akk msh ade jual medela tender care linolin

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Slm Shira, yes dear. Still have. do email me ya ;)


Fifah Kamal said...

Salam sis...
Mcm mana i nk order krim medela tendercare nih yer?

Azma Azrien said...

Assalam sis.i really need to buy this medela tendercare cream suffering nipple cracked for past few days badly..can i just whatsapp u instead of sending email?

munirah wan said...

Salam sis.mcm mana nak order krim medela ni? Sakit sgt dah ni. Pls help

angel6767.angela said...

Bole tolong email tak mana 1 nipple cream yg latest? My nipple is ok cuma yg dry & sore is ny aerola area. Byk pakai breast pump kot.bila dry tu so kdg pandai gatal plak.i nak size and price skali.
Please email me angel6767.angela@gmail atau watsap 0166665632

Nor Liana said...

Asalm sis...saya nk bli tendercare medela krim ni mcmana ye..saya perlukan segera coz puting luka teruk sampi nk bg bby hisap pon tkut..plz bgtau mcmana cara nk order kat sis

Nor Liana said...

And lg satu mcmna nk join kutu

Kauthar Faqeh said...
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qusdina said...

Assalam sis. Masih ada lg ke medela tender care?cmna ya nk order?

qusdina said...

Assalam sis. Masih ada lg ke medela tender care?cmna ya nk order?

Kauthar Faqeh said...


Mohon izin daripada tuan punya blog.

Kepada sesiapa yang memerlukan Krim Medela Tender Care untuk merawat puting susu luka, boleh whatsapp/SMS 01152370397 untuk dapatkan krim ini daripada kami.
Kami ada ready stok insyaallah.

Boleh lawati FB page:

Thanks tuan blog :)