Clearance Items: Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter


Hello yellow.... hehehe...been thinking of doing clearance for things that has been long in stock. Below is the item that will be cleared with a discount of course ;)

I was once got all the stock below from my supplier.. MOST of items below has been bought by you. But there's few left, and they need 'owner'. Will you be one?

Both me and my supplier are so excited...back then.. They has a lot of stok and I need a lot tooo ;P hahaa..

So she send me these, most is NOT here anymore...

But there's few that need owner.. (i guess they are bored being looked at like this..).. When peoples comes I showed them and then put them back...

*uhhh...rasanyer Aja still have 'that' feelings lepas tgk 'TOY STORY 3' la, uh..uh..uh..

SET FOR MEDELA FREESTYLE (one set jer ada tau...)

Included :

Medela Softfit RM70/pair
Medela Sparepart kits RM83/pair
Medela Handsfree Kits w belt RM165/set (*can only be use with Medela Freestyle)
Poslaju RM10

Total RM328 per set NEW Total RM290
*FOC 3 pcs individual medela QuickClean Wipes

SET FOR MEDELA PUMP IN STYLE ADVANCED (item code 57027,57036,57062 (9V)- I will advise and verified on the voltage first, pls enquire before buying)

Included :

Medela Softfit RM70/pair **Medela no longer sell this

Medela Personalfit Connectors RM54/pair
Medela Vehicle Adapter RM119/box (*9V) *for easy use in car
Medela Tubing for PISA RM40/each
Poslaju RM10

Total RM299 per set 
*FOC 2 pcs individual medela QuickClean Wipes

MEDELA VEHICLE LIGHTER ADAPTER (9V) *edited 12V masih ada and baru restock* yey!!!

Retail Price RM149
Sale Price RM 119 (Add RM6 for poslaju) TQ

Who should buy this? -Those who travels a lot and using Medela Freestyle or those who uses Medela Pump In Style and Pump In Style Advanced, PISA and when it hard to find power socket ;)

*This is 8 ft long cord, so if you sits at the back of car still you can attach this power vehicle adapter ..
*It is highly durable as it has instruction that should they failed one day, tukar fuse saja maaa...

I have 3 boxes of 9V and 2 boxes of 12V *SOLD*... let me know ya kalau berminat

Yang ini pun clearance juga, baby Nur's ebm from February Stock and March Stock...*sob*..*sob*.. terpaksa let go coz dh more 3 months and freezer dh tak muat. Huwaaaaaaaaaa......

Last but not least, please email me with enquiries ya.. ;).. at ajasuakeem [at] yahoo [dot] com for quick reply. I will try to answer them as soon as possible sambil baring nyusukan baby Nur yg tak suka EBM (@_@) dan tak suka nyusu duduk... adohaiiii.....

Seeya ya all laterrrr........muahhhhssss

Aja (>.<)

P/S: Kutu medela FS and medela Swing, still ON. Email me at ajasuakeem[at]yahoo[dot]com..

P.P/S: Tak sempat nk update stok brg2 yg ada,mana2 spareparts atau accesories yg berminat, email lah ya ;)... kalau x de nanti Aja estimate date of arrival nyer


AbQar|'s said...

hahaha...lawak k.aja nih..susu baby pun terpaksa letgo..;)

mamaDhea said...

aja, blh reserve utk sya satu car adapter tu tak? :D

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

AbQarl.. hehe...susu tuh dh let go dah pun.. but lepas post yg ini Aja dpt anak susuan..Alhamdulillah x sesia buat stok susu ;)

Sya mamaDhea, yg 12V ker? Yang ini dh sold out dear. Tapi kalau ada sampai lagi Aja bgtahu far mmg Aja x de order sbb stok nih x gerak2 kan.. kalau permintaan ada rasanyer boleh dapatkan lagi kot :D

eiffa akmal said...

freestyle tu if full package how much ye? thanks :)

m@Ri@ said...
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Unknown said...

Salam, boleh tak tolong order kan lagi 12V car adapter tu plisss?

Naza Sulaiman a.k.a Ajasu said...

Salam Farah, possible to restock, let me know kalau berminat. Maybe end of Sept ada lagi ;)

Eiffa, FS ada promotions now. refer my latest entry ya. Thanks

Unknown said...

Yes2...sangat berminat. please let me know sbb dah cari merata tapi tak jumpa2.
Selamat Hari Raya! :)

fizyanz said...

aja, car adapter tu leh guna utk medela swing x?

suehaida said...

salaam. adapter 12V ada instock?

Unknown said...

assalam...nak tya apa sesiapa yg guna medela swing ok ?apa beza ngn FS? sy baru nk mencari yg pam elektrik before this guna yang manual ja.